Leroy and Company's Training Stance

At Leroy and Company, we are excited to train your dog using modern methods of learning theory, counter conditioning, clicker training, and positive reinforcement. We practice only gentle and humane methods to allow your dog to learn and make changes at his or her own pace. We use positive motivators as rewards so that your dog is excited to learn and perform. We also focus on relationship development so that you and your pet are both devoted to making each other happy.

Casey is certified through the Certification Council for Professional Dog Trainers (CPDT). The CPDT’s certification program is based on humane training practices and the latest scientific knowledge related to dog training. It is the only internationally recognized dog training credential and is achieved by just over 2,000 dog training professionals worldwide. Anyone can say they’re a dog trainer—with or without certification—so whether you train with us or elsewhere, do some digging! We’re here to help if you have any questions at all, because we truly care about your dog.

Casey DiNuzzo - CEO & Lead Trainer

Casey DiNuzzo is the Owner and Head Trainer of Leroy and Company, LLC. She is a Certified Professional Dog Trainer (CPDT-KA). She has taught hundreds of private training programs and behavior consultations for dogs spanning a variety of ages and breeds. Casey’s interest in dog training began when she started taking training classes with her newly adopted dog, Leroy, for reactivity and fear-related behaviors. Her success with her own dog led her to want to help other dog owners. Casey worked in Philadelphia for five years offering puppy programs, behavior consultations for fearful and aggressive behavior, and basic manners programs. In 2017, Casey moved to Scranton and brought her knowledge and love for puppies back home to NEPA. She is passionate about science-based training methods, and she’s always looking for the most humane and fun ways to communicate with the dogs in her life.

Chris DiNuzzo - COO & Dog Enthusiast

Chris became a passionate pit bull advocate after meeting Casey and Leroy in 2013. He enthusiastically learned about positive reinforcement dog training and supported Casey in all her dog training endeavors. Today Chris and Casey are married and living in Scranton. Chris plays a big role in the Board and Train programs; regularly helping with potty training puppies, teaching sit, rewarding dogs for not jumping, and offering lots of snuggles. Chris is an awesome dog dad to Lucy and Leroy and an integral part of the Leroy and Company team.

Tanya Lutz - Certified Dog Trainer (CPDT-KA)

Tanya has been a lifelong animal lover and has shared her home with all manner of four-legged friends. Her greatest loves are dogs (of all kinds) and helping them live their best lives. Tanya began training when littermate puppies, Winnie and Oscar, joined her family in 2019. In addition to the special challenges of littermates, she works with Oscar for his reactivity and fear-based issues. Through her dogs, she found her passion for the study of canine behavior and positive reinforcement training. Tanya joined Leroy & Company in early 2020 and has worked with Casey on many individual training programs. She has completed seminars on canine learning theory. She has passed a formal examination on dog training and behavior from The Certification Council for Professional Dog Trainers.

Donato and Jolene DiNuzzo - Lead Dog Petters

Donato and Jolene has been a huge dog lover since his early days on this planet. He is thrilled with every board and train puppy that visits our home in Clarks Summit. He enjoys “sitting”, “laying down”, and “speaking” next to his four legged brother and sisters. Donato also helps with feeding puppies, calling them in from the yard, and playing Tug. Donato inspired Casey to do more dog and baby training sessions to help families prepare for adding a child into their home with dogs. Dog and baby safety is important to the whole Leroy and Co team. *To be added in mid March- Jolene is not the most productive teammate in the family. She is starting to notice puppies and enjoys occasional licks. As soon as she is mobile, she’ll be taking on a more active role in puppy training. Until then, the kiddos enjoy petting dogs with an open palm, having safe baby and dog time on the floor, and being part of a dog training family.

Leroy Brown DiNuzzo - Founding Member

Previously known as “the worst puppy in training class”, Leroy is now a model gentleman. He is the inspiration, reason, passion, and love behind Leroy and Company. His past issues include leash reactivity to dogs, people, kids, cars, skateboards and his own shadow; biting a roommate over a bully stick, being a mouthy overzealous puppy, and guarding toys from him mom. Since 2011 he’s been a foster brother 13+ times and welcomed hundreds of dog boarding clients into his home. Leroy’s famous tricks include crossing his paws, filing his own nails on sandpaper, and weaving through Casey’s legs. Leroy is now a very good boy on walks and he loves his human brother very much.   

Lucy DiNuzzo - Strategic Advisor

Lucy joined the Leroy and Company team in 2014. After a short visit as a foster dog, Chris and Casey decided Lucy was here to stay. Lucy is spunky, active, and a passionate squirrel hunter. Her favorite pastimes include doing zoomies in the yard, watching squirrels climb up trees, and licking Donato’s fingers while play bowing. Lucy sometimes heads to work with Chris and she loves being an “office dog”. When she’s home, Lucy enjoys helping the Board & Train puppies learn appropriate play manners and boundaries. Lucy is a smart girl who’s training comes naturally. She will go “to her bed” from across the room and wait not-so-patiently to greet new friends. Lucy is a very enthusiastic team member, often being called a puppy at the mature age of 6. She brings a special flair and sassiness to Leroy and Company that can’t be overlooked!  

Leona DiNuzzo - Good Girl

During quarantine in April 2020, when dog training was called “non essential” and Casey was missing her puppy clients; Leroy and Co decided to add a new member to the family. Casey and Chris had worked with a local AKC Newfoundland breeder a few times and always looked at upcoming and available litters. So after doing a visit to her home, they took Leona home. She is the opposite of Lucy and Leroy in so many ways! But besides loving the snow and being huge, she has been a lovely addition to the family. We have loved watching her grow and learn, and it’s been a fun change to actually keep a puppy in our home for longer than two weeks!

Customer Testimonials

  • positive review  After being told by the groomer that Teddy was too aggressive with her to continue grooming him and a few other incidents we called Leroy and Company. I left a message and Casey called back and we scheduled our first session. She is very accommodating with scheduling etc. After only 3 sessions we can see a lot of improvement in his behavior. Casey listened to our concerns and addressed each one. Very happy with Leroy and Company!! Casey is amazing!

    Gail Black Avatar Gail Black
    May 25, 2019

    positive review  My husband and I found Casey online and she quickly responded to our emails/phone calls, and we wanted to give our dog Kai some training she is a little 6 month, an energetic boxer who needed some extra training. Casey worked with her for 1 week we didn't want to board her, so we found Casey and she gave her training that she needed and she did a great job with her.. kai's leash training needs a little more work, but we are working on it. She lays down in her bed and rests, and rests on the floor, and is so tired out at night she easily jumps in her bed. We recommend Leroy and Company Dog Training she is worth it and always excepts a challenge. We would def use Casey/Leroy and Company Dog Training again. Thank you

    Allison Dondero Avatar Allison Dondero
    March 5, 2019

    Casey is great! Already seeing improvement in my puppy and he’s so excited to see her walk through the door.

    Tiffany Ann Avatar Tiffany Ann
    July 18, 2018
  • positive review  I would highly recommend Casey for any training needs...my daughters and I recently rescued a beautiful senior pitbull ...we also have a Chihuahua....they did not get along at all....we called Casey and with only one session she was able to provide us with tips on how to fix the situation....we put in the work and took her advice...now they are able to live together peacefully...so very thankful to Casey ❤️

    Sarah Ds Avatar Sarah Ds
    June 12, 2018

    Zoye and I had our first lesson using Skype on leash training and it was awesome. We are practicing together daily and she is doing very well. The techniques used and the skill level of the training is exceptional. We are looking forward to our next lesson. Thank you again!

    Diane Ogin Avatar Diane Ogin
    February 1, 2018

    Sophie my temperamental English bulldog mix and I had a great experience working together with Casey. Though my beastly dog was a challenge we took so much learning away from our training and use it on the regular! If you feel there is no hope in training your dog, I highly encourage you to reach out to Casey. Half of training your dog involves training yourself. I wish I could give leeroy and co more than 5 stars!

    Sharon Lynn Avatar Sharon Lynn
    December 5, 2017
  • About 3 months ago we brought home our 3rd rescue pup, Darby. He was a challenge to say the least. I contacted Casey and she started coming to our home to start working with him. She is a miracle worker. Darby, Piper and Olive have become incredibly bonded after working with Casey and focusing on the positives of his behavior. Darby just finished his workshop last week and has learned a lot of great manners. Thanks again Casey!

    Kelly McAndrew-Fowler Avatar Kelly McAndrew-Fowler
    November 26, 2017

    I would recommend Casey for all of your dog training needs. She is a very knowledgeable and uses only positive reinforcement training! It's perfect for those who treat their dogs as family!

    Charlene Burrell Yablonsky Avatar Charlene Burrell Yablonsky
    November 26, 2017

    About a month ago I purchased a puppy from a puppy store. Her name is Sadie. Sadie was older 6 months to be exact. She spent her entire life in a cage with minimal time out each day. Sadie didn't know the outside. She didn't know how to do her business while walking on a leash. I thought I was going to be committed to puppy pee pads forever. I found Casey on a google search. She replied instantly. We scheduled a training session where she gave me pointers. Each week I saw a little more improvement. This last week she spent 7 days w Casey being trained. This is my first day having her back after the one week of boarding. Sadie has successfully pooped and peed while walking on a leash for me today. I can't express how much Casey has helped me with her training. She was a life saver and I would recommend her to anyone who needs training w their pets. Thank you Leroy and company!!!! Sadie and I will spent many happy years together.

    JustJack Jackie Avatar JustJack Jackie
    November 20, 2017
  • Remington George and I just finished our first group training class and I could not be happier with our results! Learning to communicate with Remi effectively has been fully rewarding for both of us. Looking forward to signing up for our next class!

    Lee Anne Pugliese Avatar Lee Anne Pugliese
    September 28, 2017

    Casey has been training our puppies Bella and Basil since they were 3-4 months old and we have also used her multiple times for puppy day-care as well as an overnight stay. We are able to go away feeling very comfortable that our rascals are safe in her hands and on top of that, getting the bonus of hanging out with other dogs as well. She gives great updates and prices are very reasonable. Additionally, she has been very flexible with pick-up and drop-off. Our puppies love her!

    Mindy Yang Avatar Mindy Yang
    November 22, 2016

    Casey took care of our six month old puppy, Marley, during our cruise. She sent us picture texts and videos daily. It was clear that our puppy was in very good hands and was very happy staying with Casey. Our biggest fear was that Marley would not want to leave and come home with us! We will definitely board with Casey again.

    Brianna McNamara Avatar Brianna McNamara
    August 11, 2016
  • Casey is the best! Our puppy, Parker, loves his visits and playing with the other dogs! She is super flexible and sends tons of picture updates 🙂 We recommend her 100%!

    Lauren Kessel Avatar Lauren Kessel
    July 13, 2016

    Epic service !! Casey, Leroy, and the gang are awesome we are so excited to let Wally our puppy hang out again in a few weeks!

    Geoff Goodman Avatar Geoff Goodman
    October 28, 2015

    Casey is fantastic. Benny is ALWAYS excited to see her and Leroy! I always take that as an awesome sign that he's in good hands. She's such a great resource I highly recommend using her services. 3 years later, I am SO sad to lose Casey in Philly. Scranton, you have no idea what you're getting! Trying to find someone to take her place is killing me. Casey never stopped loving our boy and he still adores her. Thank you Casey for all your help these past few years!

    Joanne Donn Avatar Joanne Donn
    September 8, 2014
  • Casey took my 3 cats for me for a weekend in Philly while I attended a work event and took excellent care of them. One of them has the tendency to get stressed, and she monitored him very closely, kept me updated each day, and welcomed me to visit him and the other 2. They were so happy and content and well loved every day. They had been traveling with me, in and out with sitters for a couple of months, and with Casey, they settled right in. Her generosity in communicating with me regularly, in welcoming me into her home, and her general warmth put me at ease. She is a top notch professional whom you can totally trust.

    Sarah Hobson Avatar Sarah Hobson
    August 29, 2014