Leroy and Company's Training Stance

At Leroy and Company, we are excited to train your dog using learning theory, counter conditioning, clicker training, and positive reinforcement. We use positive motivators (such as treats or playing) as rewards so that your dog is excited to learn. We also focus on dog and human relationship building, real life games, and having fun! We rely strongly on gentle and humane methods to allow your dog to learn and make changes at his or her own pace. We also believe in setting boundaries to manage your dog as well as the environment to help everyone succeed. 

Anyone can say they’re a dog trainer—with or without certification—so whether you train with us or elsewhere, do some digging! We’re here to help if you have any questions at all, because we truly care about your dog.

Casey DiNuzzo - CEO & Lead Trainer

Casey DiNuzzo is the Owner and Lead Trainer of Leroy and Company, LLC. She is a Certified Professional Dog Trainer (CPDT-KA). She has taught hundreds of private training programs and behavior consultations for dogs spanning a variety of ages and breeds. Casey’s interest in dog training began when she started taking training classes with her newly adopted dog, Leroy, for reactivity and fear-related behaviors. Her success with her own dog led her to want to help other dog owners. Casey worked in Philadelphia for five years offering puppy programs, behavior consultations for fearful and aggressive behavior, and basic manners programs. In 2017, Casey moved to Scranton and brought her knowledge and love for puppies back home to NEPA. She is passionate about science-based training methods, and she’s always looking for the most humane and fun ways to communicate with the dogs in her life.

Tanya Lutz - Certified Dog Trainer (CPDT-KA)

Tanya’s formal dog training journey began training when littermate puppies, Winnie and Oscar, joined her family. In addition to the special challenges of littermates, she works with Oscar to overcome his reactivity and fear-based issues. Through her own dogs, she found her passion for the study of canine behavior and positive reinforcement training. Tanya has completed hundreds of one-on-one sessions assisting our clients with everything from puppy programs and basic skills to complex behavioral issues like guarding and reactivity. Her continuing education includes coursework through the Grisha Stewart Academy in Behavioral Adjustment Training (BAT), seminars on canine learning theory, and the Aggression in Dogs Conference. She holds certifications in Pet First Aid from the American Red Cross and dog behavior and training instruction from The Certification Council for Professional Dog Trainers.

Virginia Smith - Professional Dog Trainer

Virginia has been enamored with dogs since she spoke her first word- you guessed it- dog! While working at The Humane Society for 3 years, she developed a passion for helping dogs. Virginia is excited about teaching families how to communicate better with their dogs and strengthen the bond they share. She works daily on her own pack of quirky rescued dogs and is well versed in smoothly running a multi-dog household. Virginia has been with Leroy and Company since early 2022. She loves helping relationships grow between dogs and their owners, as well as watching a more confident and enjoyable bond grow. She loves working with puppies and multi dog homes, and has an extra sweet spot for all rescues.

Donato DiNuzzo - Lead Dog Petter

Donato has been a huge dog lover since his early days on this planet. He is thrilled with every board and train puppy that visits our home in Clarks Summit. He enjoys “sitting”, “laying down”, and “speaking” next to his four legged brother and sisters. Donato also helps with feeding puppies, calling them in from the yard, and playing Tug. He’s even starting dabbling in clicker training.

Jolene DiNuzzo - Lead Dog Petter

Jolene has finally become a dog lover! She had a rocky few years of getting knocked over, tails wagging in her face, and food being stolen. But now she loves using her sweet voice to talk to the baby puppies and encourage them when they’re nervous. She is regularly heard saying, “It’s ok baby” to any puppy who needs love and confidence while she pets them sweetly or throws treats. Donato and Jolene inspired Casey to do more dog and baby training sessions to help families prepare for adding a child into their home with dogs. Dog and baby safety is important to the whole Leroy and Co. team.

Leroy Brown DiNuzzo - Founding Member

Previously known as “the worst puppy in training class”, Leroy is now a model gentleman. He is the inspiration, reason, passion, and love behind Leroy and Company. His past issues include leash reactivity to dogs, people, kids, cars, skateboards, and his own shadow; biting a roommate over a bully stick, being a mouthy overzealous puppy, and guarding toys from his mom. Since 2011 he’s been a foster brother 15+ times and welcomed hundreds of dog boarding clients into his home. Leroy’s famous tricks include crossing his paws, filing his own nails on sandpaper, and weaving through Casey’s legs. Leroy is now a very good boy on walks and he loves his human brother very much.  

Lucy DiNuzzo - Strategic Advisor

Lucy joined the Leroy and Company team in 2014. After a short visit as a foster dog, Chris and Casey decided Lucy was here to stay. Lucy is spunky, active, and a passionate squirrel hunter. Her favorite pastimes include doing zoomies in the yard, watching squirrels climb up trees, and barking at abandoned pizza crust. Lucy is a smart girl who’s training comes naturally. She will go “to her bed” from across the room and wait not-so-patiently to greet new friends. Lucy is a very enthusiastic team member, often being called a puppy until the mature age of 10. She brings a special flair and sassiness to Leroy and Company that can’t be overlooked! 

Leona DiNuzzo - Board Member

Casey and Chris had worked with a local AKC Newfoundland breeder a few times and always looked at upcoming and available litters. And like so many other people in the country, they got themselves a COVID puppy! They took Leona home and have been loving big fluffy dogs ever since (even fostering two through Big Fluffy Dog Recue haha). She is the opposite of Lucy and Leroy in so many ways- but besides loving the snow and being huge, she has been a perfect addition to the family. We have loved watching her grow and learn, and she has truly become the board and train mentor dog that we hoped she would be.