Board & Train

All-Star Puppy Package

I know you want what’s best for your puppy, and this is it! The All-Star Puppy Package combines the training and socialization benefits of the Puppy Sleepover Camp (more info below) with the consistency and structure of Private Training. With unlimited text support and a one hour follow up appointment at your home, you’ll be sure to raise a confident and well-mannered dog.

The All-Star Puppy Package is a $1000 investment and includes the following:

  • 7 nights, 8 days of boarding, training, and socialization. (Puppy Sleepover Camp)
  • Unlimited text support
  • 30 minute Skype or phone consult follow up
  • $20+ of trainer recommended products specifically chosen for your puppy

Puppy Sleepover Camp

Is your new puppy driving you nuts? Trust us, you need the sleep. During our Puppy Sleepover Camp, we will jump start your dog’s training foundation, encourage socialization, and teach appropriate puppy manners. Let your puppy live with a dog trainer for a week and see the results. The program includes 7 days of boarding, daycare, and training with an emphasis on crate training, housebreaking, name recognition, and basic commands. After the week, you will learn how to continue the skills and behaviors your puppy has been practicing. Your puppy must be 4 months or younger.

  • One week – $800
  • Two weeks-  $1400

Boarding School

Our boarding school is perfect for dogs that need a kick-start to their training. If you’re dealing with behavior concerns such as housebreaking, pulling on the leash, or bad manners around food; we can help. If you just want your dog to listen more, we can teach Sit, Down, Stay, and Leave It. Your dog will get daily exercise and training with an emphasis on your specific goals. After 7 days of living with a trainer, you receive a 1 hour follow up consultation to transfer skills and behaviors. Designed for dogs 4 months or older.

The boarding school is $1,000 for one week and $1,800 for two weeks (recommended); it includes:

  • A properly fitted, trainer recommended No Pull Harness
  • Unlimited text support