Private Training Programs

Private training sessions in your home — let us come to you! We will customize a training program for your dog based on behavior, history, and energy level. Goals can include crate training, housebreaking, manners around food, basic obedience commands, leash walking, visitor greetings, and more.  The training will be structured to the needs of you and your dog to set you both up for success.

Who's a Good Dog?!

Let’s jump into training with all the Good Dog basics! We will teach you and your dog all of the necessary and functional life skills. Program goals are completely customizable but usually include:

  • you’re such an annoying puppy! 🐶
  • chill out while I watch tv 📺
  • stop jumping on me and my friends 🐩
  • the new baby is coming! 🤰
  • don’t yank my arm off while we walk 🦮
  • get away from the kitchen counters 🍲
  • can you not bark at every dog you see? 🐕
Our favorite training plans are ones that help you and your dog live your best lives. I mean, yeah, we can also teach Sit, Down, and Stay. But we like to teach more functional manners that you’ll actually use. Larger programs will include Out and About training at parks or local pet-friendly stores. Get your dog on the right path and start having fun again!
  • $300 for 3 Private Sessions
  • $570 for 6 Private Sessions
  • $930 for 10 Private Sessions