Private Training Programs

Private training sessions in your home — let us come to you! We will customize a training program for your dog based on behavior, history, and energy level. Your trainer will address all aspects of your dog’s life including diet, exercise, socialization, daily routines, and relationships. Goals can include crate training, housebreaking, manners around food, basic obedience commands, leash walking, visitor greetings, and more.  The training will be structured to the needs of you and your dog to set you both up for success.


I smell PUPPY. We’ll jump into Kindergarten with all the puppy basics. We will teach you how to communicate with your new puppy, get them comfortable in your home, and work on all of the fun skills like Sit, Stay, and Leave It. We will customize a program for housebreaking and manners based on your specific goals. And of course, we’ll leave room for a trick or two!

  • $570 for 6 Private Sessions

High School

Got a teenager? Dog teenager, of course. Dogs around 1-3 years old can usually use a reminder on good manners. Problems at the dinner table or snack time on the couch? Pulling? Barking or jumping? We can help. Let’s teach (or remind) the basics like Stay, Loose Leash Walking, and Go to Bed. Get your dog on the right path and start having fun again!

  • $570 for 6 Private Sessions


Bad dog? We’re here for you. Barking, aggression, destruction? No worries. We start off with a phone consult to get an understanding of your problems and priorities. Then we customize a program packed with training skills, exercise goals, self-control games, and management strategies. Your trainer will recommend either a 3 or 6 session package depending on the severity and number of behavior problems your dog is displaying.

  • $300 for 3 Private Sessions
  • $570 for 6 Private Sessions

Boot Camp

For mild behavioral problems, we offer a 1.5 hour training consultation. Your trainer will start by getting a full history. You’ll receive information on management, exercise goals, socialization, and self-control games. Then your trainer will coach you through training exercises and behavior modification to address your primary concerns.

  • $200 for 1.5 hour Consult