Online Dog Training

Are you outside of our travel radius but you think Leroy and Company is really awesome, highly qualified, and tons of fun? Now it doesn’t matter where you are, Leroy and Company can train your dog and help you get results. Do you have a crazy schedule? We offer online dog training on weekends and evenings! Are you a past client who needs a pep talk and some training reminders? I would love to Skype with you and your dog!

Our online training sessions are a great way to receive expert dog knowledge, watch live training tutorials (with Leroy of course), and train your dog. It is one-on-one positive reinforcement training, tailored to the needs of you and your dog. I will observe your dog and offer immediate suggestions on how you can make progress. You will receive a follow-up email with your customized training plan including management suggestions, training games, and relationship goals. After our session, you can send progress videos and we will modify your dog training goals. Follow up sessions will be at a discount to help you truly commit to making improvements and building a stronger relationship with your dog.

  • Initial online consult- $75
  • Online follow up sessions- $65
  • 6 online session package- $375